Antonia Covarrubias
Delicately abstract and poignantly ethereal, Chilean artist Antonia Covarrubias paints the essence of materialthings with a poetic flourish.Inspirationally tranquil and serene, these works are eloquently peacefulHer brushwork smooth and delicate, Covarrubias’s abstract compositions are exquisitely rendered in brightprimaryand pastel tones. The compositions are vibrant, rooted in realism, yet Impressionistic in theirquick brushstrokes and masterful use of light. Pure in her approach, Covarrubias comes to her canvas withoutjudging or allowing her work to be overly impacted by her experience of other artists’ work, exposing her soulthrough painterly brilliance. “For me, every painting has its one history,” she says. “Sometimes I start withsomething in my mind, and I finish [with] something completely different.” The artist works with traditionalmaterials, such as oils, with classic Italian artistic techniques and pigments. Spirited and intoxicating, thesepaintings seek, find and illuminate the heart of the ordinary and the commonplace in alluringly beautifulpaeans to peace.Antonia Covarrubias lives andworks in Rome and Santiago.

Solo Exhibitions:

“Fragile”, Scuola Italiana, may 2018, Santiago Chile

“Silence”, Artifact Gallery, Solo exhibition, New York, october 2016.

“El Quijote en Nosotros”, bipersonal exhibition, Universidad de los Andes, Santiago, october2016.

“ Flora en Silencio”, Parque Bicentenario, august 2015

“ a Roma”, Galleria Archè, Arte nel Tempo, january 2014, Rome.

“Rocas”, Teatro Zapallar, Zapallar, Chile, september2012

«Deshojando el Sur, Museo Lord Cochrane, may 2012, Valparaiso, Chile.

“Amukim” , Galleria L’Acquario, Via Giulia, Rome, december 2012

“I Respiri della Terra Cilena” , Galería Arché, Arte nel Tempo, Rome may 2011.

“ Advientos del Bosque”, Teatro Zapallar, Chile, december 2010

“Spazio Naturale” , Chiostro del Bramante, may 2010, Rome

“Dal Colore alla Forma”, galería “Archè-Arte del Tempo”, may 2010, Rome.

“Flora- Vascular de Zapallar”, Teatro Zapallar, Zapallar Chile, february 2010

“Messageri e Protettori”, San Paolo alla Regola, Roma, November 2009

“Las Bienaventuranzas”, Museo Colonial de San Francisco, Santiago , october 2009

“Armonía”, Universidad Andres Bello, Santiago, Chile, august 2009

”Momenti a Santiago”, april 2009, Galleria L’Acquario, via Giulia, Rome.

“Fábulas de Mar”, february 2009, “Teatro Zapallar”, Zapallar , Chile

“Scoprire il Movimento”, november 2008, en la Associazione Culturale “Genti e Paese”, Rome.

«Essenza di Natura», june 2008, «Arte nella Natura», Villa Torlonia, Rome

«Forma – Informe», june 2008, Galleria Monty & Company, Rome

«Linee Disperse», february 2008, Chiostro del Bramante, Rome

«Autunno», october 2007, en el Palazzetto Hassler, Piazza Spagna, Rome

«Guardando L’Oriente», october 2007, en el Palazzo Medici Clarelli, Primo Municipio, Rome

«Profumi», june 2007, en el Palazzo del Gallo di Roccagiovine, Foro Traiano, Rome

“Cafe della Pace”, april 2007, Rome.

“Sfumature”, en Dobar, february 2007 piazza Spagna, Rome

«Dipinti di Natale», december 2006, en My Cup of Tea, Rome

”La Grazia del Colore”, october 2005, en Gina, Rome

“Acquarelli”, may 2004, en Gina, Roma

Group Exhinitions

“ Viento Norte”, november 2018, Corporación Bosques de Zapallar, Teatro Zapallar, Chile

“ Natural is Viral”, Collateral of Manifesta 2018_ Palermo, Palazzo Scavuzzo Trigonna, Palermo, Italy

“Flores Silvestres”, march 2018, Spazio Mater Loft Gallery, Rome

“Mujeres Artistas”, march 2018, Centro Laguna, Zapallar Chile

“Talleres abiertos de los Oficios”, november 2017, Santiago Chile.

“ Deseos y Realidades en los Tiempos de Hoy”, CIS, november 2017, santiago de Chile

“Bazart”, Centro de Extensión Pontificia Universidad Católica, october 2017, Santiago.

“Talleres abiertos de los Oficios”, october 2016, Santiago de Chile.

“Talleres abiertos de los Oficios”, october 2015, Santiago de Chile.

“Bazart”, Centro de Extensión Pontificia Universidad Católica, april 2015, Santiago.

“Talleres abiertos de los Oficios”, october 2014, Santiago de Chile.

“Bazart”, Centro de Extensión Pontificia Universidad Católica, may 2014, Santiago.

“Pathway to Abstraction”, Agora Gallery, Chelsea New York, december 2013

“De Colores”, The Audio Concepts Experience Center, Boston, USA, september 2013

“Talleres de los Oficios”, may 2013, Santiago Chile

“Circuito Salvador Donoso”, Bellavista, Santiago november 2010

«Transparencias», april 2010, bipersonal exhibition Galleria Espora, Santiago

Camponeschi- Electronic Art Cafe, april 2007- june 2009, Piazza Farnese, Rome.

Galleria d’Arte L’Acquario, permanent collection’s member, february 2007- up today, Rome

“Arché”, Arte nel Tempo, permanent collection’s member, mayo 2009- november 2013, Roma

Residenza A The Boutique Art Hotel, january 2007-may 2010, Via Veneto, Rome.

Galleria “ La Sala ”, permanent collection’s member, 2009-2010, Santiago

«Parque Golf», april 2008, Santiago

Evento culturale «Quatro Elementi», september 2007, Met-ponte Milvio, Roma

Galleria d’Arte CAOS, permanent collection’s member , february 2007-october 2007, via della Conciliazione, Roma

Other Works

September 2010: Private collection of the Virgin Mary Devotions for the Vatican, Pontificio Consiglio per America Latina, Vaticano.